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Trifolium calcaricum (Running Glade Clover)

Trifolium calcaricum is known from only 5 populations in the world--two in Middle Tennessee and one in Virginia. In Tennessee, all of the populations were originally on private land. Since plants have no legal protection, occurrences on private land are inherently vulnerable. Fortunately, a portion of one of those properties was purchased and is now a State Natural Area managed by the Tennessee Division of Natural Areas. In addition, Margie Hunter, founder of the Tennessee Naturalist Program, has led a large scale reintroduction effort on protected state land for one of the populations. Margie has monitored the reintroduction sites for many years and has also assisted with an ecological study at the natural sites along with Southeastern Grasslands Institute. Margie has worked with several partners to discuss future plans to reintroduce plants sourced from the private properties into protected state lands.


Margie Hunter

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